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  • Metal Lockers
  • StrongholdHeavy Duty Lockers
  • Full Height Lockers
  • Police Lockers
  • Small Item Lockers
  • Three Quarter and Half Height Lockers
  • Laptop Lockers
  • Cube Lockers
  • Workwear Lockers
  • Garment Management Lockers
  • Laminate Lockers
  • In Charge Lockers
  • Alternative door styles, including wire mesh and wooden doors

We also have a range of lockers available on shorter lead times for when your customers need a personal storage solution in a hurry. Speak to our expert team today for more details.

We also manufacture a great range of cupboards for various applications including:

  • Vision cupboards – with a viewing panel to see what’s inside at glance
  • Hazardous substance cupboards – for the safe storage of harmful, corrosive, flammable or any other COSHH materials
  • Tool cabinets – perfect for keeping equipment in a secure and easy to find location in building sites, production/assembly lines and many more settings
  • Standard and security cupboards – an expertly welded steel storage solution for all needs – including large volume and slimline models

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Cube Locker 300x300x300

Cube Locker 300x300x300

Our range of Quarto Lockers, Sixto Lockers and Cube Lockers are the ideal choice for storing small i..


Full Height Standard Locker Single Door Nest of 1

Full Height Standard Locker Single Door Nest of 1

Our full height steel lockers are suitable for a range of applications across multiple industries an..

£76.00 £76.00

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